Sep 27/03     I am in Europe from Sunday Sep 28 to October 9. 

I will have access to my email but may not be able to respond as quickly as usual. 

Sep 26/03     The last 2003 Simon XC in inventory has now a new owner....

  Thanks Steven, I appreciate the business.

Sep 25/03    Emergency Parachute Deployment Sequence for PPG paramotor pilots.

Sep 25/03    Updated demo days    Updated course dates    Next course and demo Oct 18/03

Sep 24/03    Joe Zawadzki's mottos:

1) Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

2) There are people who:  Make things happen. Watch things happen. Don't know what happens.

....... Joe is the owner of the field that allowed PPO to use it rent free for past 3 years.

Sep 23/03    New possible training site.....

Sep 23/03   You better watch for this one....

There is reason why we do not fly mid day. A dust devil will collapse you paraglider if you are in it or near by. If that is near ground it is the end of it...  Even I would be afraid to fly on day like this. 

Sep 22/03    This one almost brought tears to my eyes....

A very nice note from a garbage man..... :-)   See testimonials September 22, 2003

Sep 22/03     Safety improvement for the for the ones who like to roll.....

If you like to roll around on the ground with paramotor on your back as much as my students do you may want to install a safety feature that would prevent separation of comfort bar from main frame. If the main welds (the bottom one marked by red dot) broke comfort bar would pivot up and extend one riser by as much as a foot. This could be dangerous as this would make glider to go into sharp turn. I have installed a tie back (marked by blue dot) to prevent this as my training units take beating and I do not want to take a chance. Knot is secured by superglue.

Sep 22/03    Ground school with Mete and Reinhardt and Paul's third flight. 

Ground school went without a hitch. We have finished by 12:30 then it was off to the training field for ground handling. Winds were light and variable. Reinhardt and Mete quickly grasped the basic skills and at the end of the days both were able to forward or reverse inflate the glider and do a short run with the canopy stabilized overhead. The wind started to pick up around 4:30 and for a while it was too strong to fly. Reinhardt and Mete had enough at 5 pm as both woke up early in the morning due to the expected excitement. Shawn and Paul came back for more flying and by 6:30 pm the wind came down to acceptable level. They both took off and for the first time I had two students in the air. Paul - additional 45 min and Shawn two flights 3 min and 20 min.


Sep 22/03     I will be away from Canada from Sunday Sep 28 to October 9. 

I will have access to my email but may not be able to respond quickly as usual. 

Sep 19/03     Cool 8 MB ACRO video by Sky Paragliders test and ACRO pilots.

Sep 19/03     UPDATE - Important info re access to Niagara flight field at Sodom Rd.

Anyone who is planning to go to the field print, fill out and sign this release of liability that you can download here. Bring this to the field with you and if approached by Ed this may help you out.  _______________________________________________________________________

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