Jan 24/03        I will be out of office until Monday Jan 26/03. 

Jan 23/03       Pictures from last season:    Simon RR and Lift

Simon RR over the fog....


Jan 23/03        Added page Technical Bulletins and Updates
Jan 20/03        Updated Lift manual
Jan 19/03        Added page Compare gliders

Jan 18/03        Simon RR and XC + Lift 28 sold. 

These are the 2002 machines that were in stock - sold at lower price due to the winter sale and the fact that these paramotors were purchased before the major change in exchange rate between Czech currency and Canadian dollar took place. Dave and Dave, thanks for your business. 

Jan 16/03        Cold winter flight. 

It has been more then a month since I have flown last time so I though that I should air out my wings. The forecast was calling for VERY cold weather but since I bought my snowmobile helmet I thought this would be a great chance to test it out. I went to Peaks to get my trailer and dress up. This involved 5 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of socks, 3 fleece jackets and 7 pairs of underwear briefs....just kidding (only about the briefs though)

I came to the field and windsock was right up there showing more then 10 knots. I knew that this will be just "get in the air flight" so the fact that I will be limited as far as range did not bother me. Read More.


Jan 16/03        Winter sale ends Monday night. 

This is the last chance to take advantage of the winter sale. If you were to order say Simon RR and Lift 30 before Tuesday, you would save $ 712.46 Cad. 

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From: <richard......>
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Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 6:52 AM
Subject: Our order is on the way

> Hello! I mailed out the order for the Spider and the two wings. A check for
> approximately 1/2 the amount is included for the deposit. Thank you!  

> Richard 

Thanks for your business Richard.

Jan 15/03 Added Brontes DHV test results
Jan 14/03 Updated Andre's Log book

Jan 13/03        How I busted my first prop.

Well, as I deal with people inquiring about Powered Paragliding, one of the most popular questions is "Is it safe?". There is no straight answer to this as there is certain amount of danger in anything we do. I believe that powered paragliding also known as paramotoring is about as dangerous as riding motorcycle. It can be very safe if you do not take chances and ride defensively. The same applies to powered paragliding . With good training, proper equipment and sound pilot decisions the amount of objective danger can be virtually eliminated. Most of PPG accidents happen because of pilot's bad judgment or decision error. I have decided to describe my incident that happened early in my PPG career so others can learn from my mistakes.

It was hot summer day in July 2000. I had 5.5 hours of flight time in my log book and I thought I was a master. The weather conditions at the field were not so good - variable light winds that were coming periodically from literally all directions. The big wind sock would not even move as these breezes were very light. About 2 - 4 km/h.  Read more

Jan 5/03        Happy New Year.

Well, I just came back from vacation in Mexico. I met a lot of people from all over the world and when I told them about powered paragliding also known as paramotoring they would all say "Oh yeah, I have seen them at the beach, they are being pulled by the boat". So I spent some time educating public about the difference between parasailing (you being pretty much sack of potatoes hanging under round parachute on the mercy of Mexican, tequila drinking boat operator) and powered paragliding also known as paramotoring where you are in complete control of the aircraft soaring as you please. It was a great trip. Sun, fun a lot of cervezas... I wish I had my paramotor there with me and managed to do some flying. 

When I came back I have noticed that there is a bunch of unwanted add programs slowing my computer down. I would had a "pop up ad" coming up every minute so I decided to clean it up. I have downloaded and installed "Ad-Aware" program, scanned my hard drive and discovered and deleted 55 small annoying add programs.   I have also installed "Pop ad stopper".  I highly recommend both these programs - they work like a charm. My desktop is no longer cluttered with crap. A.             Get "Ad-aware" here if you want.     Get "Pop-ad stopper" here if you want.

Dec 24/02        Holiday office hours.

I will be out of office from Dec 24 to 26 and Dec 28 to Jan 4/02  Andre

Dec 20/02        Thanks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank to all the people who supported me through 2002 season by taking lessons from me or buying equipment that I distribute. I would like to wish you marry Christmas and Happy new year.  Thanks very much.  Andre

Dec 18/02 Updated Dealer opportunities
Dec 18/02 We now distribute Flytec flight instruments
Dec 17/02 Updated Winter sale

Dec 17/02        Another sale:

Last Simon RR + Lift 28 is removed from inventory as a customer sent me a deposit. The winter sale still in effect, though. The discount is 10 % on any gliders and 5 % on paramotors. 50 % deposit must be received by Jan 20/03 to qualify for winter discount. I will be making an order to Sky Paragliders and Walkerjet paramotors on Jan 21/03. It usually take 3 - 4  weeks to receive shipment from Sky paragliders and 4-6 weeks to receive paramotors from Walkerjet. Order now, save and be ready for the 2003 season.

Dec 16/02        Low inventory:

Well my 2002 inventory is almost sold out. I only have one Superhawk and one Simon RR left. This two units are a "steal" because they were purchased 6 months ago when the prices were still low. Once they are sold, price for Simon RR will go to $ 6700 and Superhawk to $ 5 700 to reflect new wholesale prices. So do not wait and get one for less. Also, the winter discount is in effect until Jan 20/03. I have decided to change the rules to better accommodate your needs - instead of pre-paying the whole amount I will take 50 % deposit (must be received by Jan 20/03) and the other 50 % will be due when you take possession of the equipment. The discount is: 10 % on any gliders and 5 % on paramotors. So say if you order Simon RR and Lift 28 before Jan 20 you will save $ 700.  

Dec 14/02        Possibly last flight of this year:

The weather forecast for Friday was good and I was psyched to fly. Woke up in the morning, bummer, fog, visibility 200 ft and light rain. I have checked the forecast but it did not look good for the whole day. Around noon time my buddy Chris calls from the field saying than the weather there is flyable. I rushed to Peaks, got my trailer out and 30 min later arrived at the field. It was overcast but perfect 3 km/h wind was enough for reverse inflations and awesome for flying. I have practiced several forward inflation testing new technique using the power of the motor as opposed to running trying to inflate the glider. So far it works really well. I also tested my helmet that works great. My head was so cozy.... The instrument panel was fun but it was a little hard to negotiate all the cables and buttons with thick gloves on. I have pulled couple pretty aggressive spirals and did some low and high passes. Chris got to fly my equipment which was nice because he did not spend all day fixing and adjusting his, which is usually the case. It was a great afternoon that we finished off by having a bite to eat at Dora's place that is across the road from the field. Perfect location, home cooking and cold beer. Life does not get any better then this. This may be last flight before holiday so have good X-mass and do not eat too much. 


Dec 13/02 Added Info on Simonini engines
Dec 12/02 Updated page Compare all paramotors
Dec 11/02 Updated page Compare all paramotors
Dec 5/02 Added Video
Dec 3/02 Added page Weather
Dec 2/02 Added WJ features
Nov 27/02 Added page used equipment
Nov 27/02 Added personal log book download
Nov 27/02 Andre's Log Book updated
Nov 25/02 Added page student testimonials
Nov 23/02 Added link to interesting articles
Nov 20/02 Added local air map 
Nov 18/02 Updated info on Brontes
Nov 12/02 Andre's Log Book updated
Nov 8/02 Info on courses updated.
Nov 7/02 Andre's Log Book updated
Oct 31/02 Added Winter discounts
Oct 28/02 Andre's Log Book updated
Oct 19/02 Added wiring diagram - Spider
Oct 18/02 Andre's Log Book updated
Oct 10/02 Andre's Log Book updated
Sep 15/02 Added Radne Raket 120 Manual
Sep 9/02 Added page Andre's equipment
June 18/02 Added info on Nicasil coating.
May 13/02 We now distribute Comtronics Helmets.
May 9/02 Added pics from PPG course.
May 2/02 Added new gallery.

Dec 13/02        The 38.2 % appreciation of Czech currency against  $ Cad :

Why are the prices going up all the time some of you ask? Well, the exchange rate could not be more UNFAVORABLE  these days. Last year Simon models were selling for around $ 5300 Cad but this year it is approximately $ 1300 Cad more. I am not getting rich. Simply the wholesale prices are climbing and my prices must reflect that. The $ 1300 increase is 24 % increase which actually not so bad. Walkerjet and Sky Paragliders increased productivity and therefore absorbed the additional 14.2 % difference in exchange rates.  To read more.

Dec 12/02         Full face helmet for winter flying:

I am determined to fly all winter long. I figured that if people can snowmobile and be warm, we can fly as well. The areas that get cold the most are the head, hands, feet and knees. To take care of my head I just bought full face helmet from Canadian Tire - $ 139.00 on sale for 109.00. This should keep my cheeks warm... It is perfect because it has a Velcro that is right in front of my mouth where I attach my microphone. The helmet will also shield most of the engine noise so it will be possible to transmit without the transmission being hard to understand. I am thinking of buying Sorrel winter boots for my feet and knees warmers. I already have good gloves. I can not wait to get out and test my new instrument panel and see how the helmet works.....


Dec 10/02        Auxiliary paramotor fuel tanks:

Well after buzzing around Niagara peninsula for close to 3 years I am itching for longer flights. I have designed and tested auxiliary fuel tank system that allows me to bring extra 20 l of fuel. So the total amount of fuel will be 30 l. Now I can go for up to 6 hours and cover as much as 300 km in one flight. The question is ... can I hold it hold it for that long ...   :-)   To see more.

Dec 9/02          Instrument panel:

The winter is here, weather is cold and often not suitable for flying. This is the perfect time to undertake a little project. For a while I though that there must be better way to handle the amount of electronic equipment such as radios, altimeters, variometer, cameras, walkmans, GPS that we like to take with us into the air.  I sometimes looked like X-mass tree with all this stuff hanging around so I sat down and started to think about way to improve this...     To read more.


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