Sep 19/03     Another happy PPO customer:

Congratulation Matt on completion of your PPG  license process and recent purchase of Simon RR, Sky Paraglider Lift and rescue Sky Spare - most advanced PPG equipment on the planet Earth. You own the Cadillac of PPG!


Matt has bought the best equipment available on the market and does not mind spending rest of his life like this..........see here and here...............kidding, he is just looking for an important receipt......

Sep 19/03     The new RR's are here.

I have received the expected shipment of the updated RR's. Here are some new improvements and features: 

Due to the increase in wholesale cost retail price of Simon RR has been increased to $ 6990 Cad. 

Sep 18/03     Important info re access to Niagara flight field at Sodom Rd.

After of 3 years of having the field to our selves the owner leased the property to another gentleman who is planning to fly his plane from there. He is in process of putting in grass runway (see blue on the picture) and is restricting some use as far as PPG goes. I have negotiated further access but with some rules to follow: 

  • Effective immediately none of the metal stakes marking the water runoff reservoirs can be touched, moved or removed. 

  • The field road that we use to get to the middle of the field can not be used for access at all as it crosses the future grass strip and great deal of work is done to smooth out the grooves from vehicles

At this point we are still allowed to come but we have to enter by the other field road that is about 1/4 mile further. Take it, drive 200 ft and cross left over the ditch, then turn right and stay on the outside of the field till you get to the old gravel runway. Drive down to our spot as usual. See the red approach on the picture. 

Also I no longer act as person responsible for people flying at the field. You may be approached by the individual him self (his name is Ed) and he may ask you to: leave, show him your license, insurance proof and aircraft registration papers. Even if you have those he may kick you out. We are totally on his mercy at this point so please behave. I am in the process of trying to secure another location. Keep your fingers crossed. If I catch anyone braking the above 2 rules you will get kicked out by me personally. Take care  Andre

Sep 18/03     Chris flying his colors......


Sep 18/03    Another student in the air.

Congratulation Shawn on your first flight. Shawn was one of the fastest students to fly. Started on Saturday flew on Wed. Nice 30 min flight with perfect landing. Shawn you are natural...


Sep 18/03    Knots used in PPG.

I have received couple telephone calls lately from people asking my what knots I use to secure my speed bar during take off and to tie my black pouches for GPS, camera, water, sausages, sopresata and beer....Here is how I do it


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