Sep 15/03    Best flight so far - Ellicottville with Chris - Sep 9/03 

  • Customs: "What are you going to do there"

  • Me: "Fly"

  • Customs: "What is in that trailer?"

  • Me: "Powered paraglider"

  • Customs: "A what...?"

  • Me: "Powered paraglider. A parachute and propeller that you strap to your back." (I give him the general public explanation)

  • Customs: "Go nut!" well he did not say the other two words that but I swore that was for sure what the officer was thinking...


Sep 15/03    Great and simple to understand weather forecast site for Niagara Falls. 

For those who do not wish to decipher the aviation codes at

Sep 14/03    Ground school with Shawn and Peter and Paul's second flight. 

Ground school went well. We have finished by 12:30 then it was off to the training field for ground handling. Reinhardt and Mete showed up for demo and decided that they would like to start the course as soon as possible. Therefore another ground school is scheduled for Sep 20/03 at 8 am. (One space is still available!  Register now.) Conditions at field were OK, 6 KT winds from 110. Peter has trained till 4:30 and Shawn till 7 pm!!! Wow, what a drive. Paul came for more flying and after couple of hours of fine tuning his inflations put additional 30 min of flight time in his log book. We have also perfected the takeoff instructor-student positioning and visual signs that will make the takeoff's easier for other students. Thanks Paul, good idea, I will use this technique for many years to come and many students will benefit from it. Great but very long day.

 Shawn and Peter       Paul

Sep 14/03    Updated demo days    Updated course dates - Next course and demo Sep 20/03

Sep 12/03    Training with Dave - Sep 09/03 

Dave has purchased his equipment in spring but due to his busy schedule could not start his training till now.  We have spent 2.5 of hours ground handling and the rest of the time was dedicated to break in of Dave's new machine.

Sep 10/03     Two 2004 model Simon RR will arrive on Monday. Yupiii. 

    Matt you RR will be here soon. Steve you motor will be in Mon.

Sep 10/03     Training with John, Matt and Jeff's tandem flight - Sep 07/03 

Matt and his friend Jeff showed up. Matt just passed his ULTRA exam and was ready to put more flight time into his log book. Jeff was interested in tandem flight as an introduction to PPG course. After several, busted inflation due to the wind direction changes we were off after sketchy take off. 



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