Sep 9/03      Sunrise flight with Chris - Sep 4/03

BZZZZ BZZZZ BZZZZ BZZZZ "Oh god what time it is?" goes my wife when the alarm goes off at 5:15. "It is 5:15 am." "You are nuts" she goes. Well I know I am, but life is short and sometimes too boring so let's make the most of it. 

Sep 08/03    Powered training with Paul, his first flight + hanging out with Errol and Chris

It has been close to 2 months since I have seen Paul last time and frankly I though that he may have given up. So I was glad to see his email couple weeks ago telling me that he is working out, building some physical endurance by walking with heavy knapsack, gradually increasing the load and now trying to book some time for powered training. We have got together on Wednesday and wind was perfect. In about 45 min and after few pointers (I recently had a few epiphanies that allow me to explain glider ground handling to my students better) Paul was in complete control of the glider both the reverse and forward. Turning and running into the wind with inflated glider overhead was no longer a problem. Paul was ready to attempt first solo flight.....Read more here

     Paul         Errol

Sep 7/03    Tandem flight with Scott - Sep 2/03

Ok, these tandem flights are becoming routine. Ever since I have figured out how to do a reverse inflation with passenger attached I feel very confident with my tandem flight skills. Not only I have perfect control over the glider during reverse inflation but the fair amount of wind helps tons during  take off run.......

Sep 6/03    Technical info:   Those of you who purchased paramotors Walkerjet make sure that you check on your priming bulb from time to time. I recently had a problem with my light training unit WJ Spider that was caused by cracks in the priming bulb. These cracks allowed enough air to gather in the fuel line that after 10 min of running fine the paramotor would start choking under full power.  These cracks were not visible unless the priming bulb was squeezed. WJ recommends to exchange the priming bulb yearly.

            PS: I need manicure....

Sep 6/03    Please note that I will not be available for any training from Sep 28 to Oct 9/03

Sep 4/03    See if weather at our field is flyable - live cam!

First go to then make sure that "Panorama Camera 1" (arrow #1) on the left hand side is selected and on the right hand side "Live View Selected" is selected. (arrow #2).  If you see a weather balloon in the live view such as the picture below (red circle) you know that weather is for sure flyable. 

They do not launch this balloon unless winds are low and weather is OK    


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