Aug 21, 2003 - Ground handling w Mark, Steve's third and fourth flight + my flight


Aug 16, 2003  Updates: Updated demo days    Updated course dates - Next course Sep 13/03

Aug 13/03    Sneak preview - Beautiful evening flight and PPG course with Mark. Write up will follow shortly

Aug 9/03      Back from vacation - relaxed and rested. Please note that one spot just opened up for the ground school course on Aug 16. Do not wait and register. 

July 8/03      Added page "Recommended equipment flight packages"

July 7/03      Please note that I am on vacation from July 9 to August 10/03. You can still contact me by email although it may take several days until I get back to you. 

July 6/03    July 3/03 - Afternoon ground handling with John and Sunny's third flight.

......Jim who purchased an Adventure F3 paramotor and 8 yrs old performance glider and wanted to know if the equipment is any good and if I would teach him. Unfortunately I had to say no as the stock SOLO 210 does not have enough power to fly 225 lb man and to send a beginner for first solo flight on 8 yrs old performance would be same as taking ax and chopping student to pieces.....Read more here.


July 5, 2003      New used equipment for sale. See here

July 5, 2003      June 30/03 - Ground handling with Cathy, John and Denis 

...Dennis fell backward during ground handling. No damage to the equipment due to the superior strength of WJ frames. God bless Mr. Prochazka. It was quite funny though - Dennis looked like a turtle turned upside down..... Read more here.


July 3, 2003      June 28/03 - Morning ground school with Cathy, John, Mark and Denis 

Wind was quite strong though and it was not possible to do any ground handling at all. John and Cathy went home but Mark and Dennis decided to wait it out. An hour and half later wind came down and we were able to start. Read more here.


July 2, 2003        June 23/03 - Glider handling with Jeff and flight with his equipment:

...After about 5 min in the air I started to be bit more aggressive executing sharper turns under more power. At one point though Jeff's glider did not react the same way as the Lift model by Sky Paraglider does which led to pretty hairy situation.....No injuries but unfortunately some damage to Jeff's equipment....

Be very careful when deciding weather to use someone else's equipment. Pay special attention to the category of glider, its porosity and over all general shape,  keep in mind that brake toggle position may be different such as if very steep turn brake position is at your waist it may be only at shoulder level with different equipment having higher hook up points. Read more here.



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