June 29, 2003        Short video - Lift 28 and WJ Simon XC flying by....

770 kb. See here.

June 26, 2003        SALE! Brand new tandem glider GOLEM $ 2999.00 Cad - Save $ 700

To convert $ CAD to other currencies click here.    Pictures of Golem in action here.

June 25, 2003        Happy PPO student and WJ owner:

Hey Andre

This is one happy paramotor pilot, thanks to you and my Spider! Had a nice smooth flight Saturday night,1300"AGL I could see Belleville and the bay of Quintie.....

See ya jer.


June 21, 2003        Quick flight

The air is so smoooth. This when I thought I should try using my cell phone to call someone from mid air. OK, cruise control on, trim on, cell phone out then shut the engine off and glide. Hmmm who do I call? I know Chris is home working on his machine being temporarily grounded. Would it be too mean to call him and let him know that I am flying....? Anyway, I dial Chris.... "Hey Andre" I hear. "Chris you are not going to believe where I am calling you from. I am calling from 2000 ft." I say. "Listen to this...I start the machine and rev it and then....hang up. Read more here.


June 20, 2003        Opening our new climbing wall in Niagara Falls - no time for flying...


June 17, 2003        Updates:

Updated demo days    Updated course dates

June 17, 2003.       Training with Orest and Tandem flight with Will.

  • 18:43 Orest executes perfect landing

  • 18:43 Orest asks "Andre would you take Will up for introductory tandem flight?"

  • 18:43 Andre says "Sure" 

  • 19:03 Simon XC plus re-fueled 

  • 19:05 Tandem glider Golem attached

  • 19:10 Will and Andre waiting for wind ready for take off 

  • 19:11 Will and Andre waiting for wind ready for take off... 

       Read more here

June 15, 2003       Fun flying with Phil, Steven, Jim and Yuri 

...inflate and just as Steven is inflating his wing I am saying to Phil "Steven needs better shoes" I can just picture the slick soles of his tennis shoes slipping on the grass and causing some trouble. Sure enough, during reverse launch Steven's foot slipped, he stumbled backwards cage hit the ground and...... his prop luckily survived. Then the glider caught some wind and started to drag Steven while on his knees. Ouch! We have jumped in to de-inflate the glider but it was too late - the knees were done for... Read more here


June 14, 2003    Beautiful day to fly-stuck working the Peaks portable outdoor wall. Grrr...

June 12, 2003           It is raining but I am flying anyway...

   Manhattan     Hoover Dam

June 12, 2003           Very cool ACRO maneuver - See here 1.1 MB


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