June 8, 2003            Video of triking and trip to Niagara Falls with Jim and Yuri:

Yuri was nice enough to make a 3.5 min video from our Saturday flying. Size 10 MB. It goes as such: Andre taking of on trike. Jim taking off - foot launch. Andre low pass on trike.Yuri at 3000 ft by the Niagara Falls with Andre flying below. Andre landing on trike. Sam the man. See video here.

June 7, 2003.       Register for ground school: 

Please note that there is only one spot left for the ground school and glider training on June 28/03. In order to register $ 200 safety deposit must be received  Do not wait as spaces are limited

June 7, 2003            Triking and trip to Niagara Falls with Jim and Yuri:

We circle above Welland river to gain 3000 ft AGL as below is a restricted space for Niagara 1 helicopters. Here is Jim and his reliable partner red and blue Sky Paraglider - model Lift 28. Clouds ahead of us do not look so good .......  Jim decides that he does not want to fly that way and turns to the right to follow the shore of Niagara river back. I lose sight of him and Yuri as well but apparently Yuri has followed me the whole time. Great, now I have two people stalking me!!!   Mark???!! I know your are reading this lurking somewhere....       RED RUM            RED RUM          RED RUM      Read more here.



June 6, 2003            Tandem flight with Chris and Mark

....we gained about 30 ft. I have trimmed the left side of the glider to counter the engine torque turn and set cruise control to full power. I handed the throttle to Chris and got comfortable in my seat. Chris handed the throttle back to me and this time it was Chris who was getting his ass in the seat. I must say that that during tandem flights one gets to know the other person quite well. Those of you who had a chance to fly tandem know what I mean.... Read more here.


....This was my first flight with passenger who had no PPG experience whatsoever so I feel confident now that I can take newbies up for intro flight which will be great way to get introduced to the sport. Tandem flights are now offered. Cost $ 75.00 + GST  for 30 min flight. Only for passengers up to 190 lb though. I can't wait for another tandem flight. What a rush!

June 5, 2003.       Register for ground school: 

Please note that in order to register for the ground school and glider ground handling on June 28/03 I have to receive safety deposit of $ 200.00 first. Do not wait and register as spaces are limited

June 5, 2003.       Training with Pete, Paul and Orest's first flight: 

....after I took off with such an ease and landed on the other side. Orest came up and says. "F#*&  I am going to do it! F*&#  it! I am doing it!" I have looked in his eyes and saw such determination and energy that I said. "Sure." We got ready. I gave Orest last few tips on what to do and not to do on take off. Then first  inflation, power up, run and Orest literally power took off. There was nothing that could stop this man....     Read more here.


June 4, 2003    There is always something happening in Czech Republic: 

As most of you know. I am originally from the Czech Republic; a small country in the hart of Europe that is bordered by Alps and other less known mountain ranges. First attempts to paraglide in Czech date around 1986 which was the don of paragliding on planet Earth. Even though there is only 10 million people I estimate that there is close to 5 000 active and I mean active PG and PPG pilots. Czech is also important European hub for PPG and PG manufacturing. Companies such as Sky Paragliders, Gradient, Mac Para are well known paraglider manufactures and Walkerjet, Nirvana successful paramotor producers selling the equipment all over the world. Simply, there is always something happening in Czech when it comes to PPG and PG. 


See more pictures of ugly pilots here and here and here and here.

You will be happy to know that Sky Paraglider LIFT is the glider of the choice for PPG and those who like to push the envelope further use Sky Paraglider BRONTES. Walkerjets are the overwhelming majority of paramotors in Czech. Due to extreme level of compettetion in PG and PPG manufacturing in Czech Republic and Europe in general equipment produced in Czech is of superior quality selling at reasonable and fair price.

PS: We need to get some women involved in this sport. Don't you agree??!!   ;-)

June 1, 2003    PPG course May 24 and 25, 2003: 

...So here we go again. Steady wind, couple of partial inflations, perfect reverse... turn.....and.......CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK!!!! AAAHHHHHHhhhhhhhh.... Second prop busted!!! This is unreal! How did this happen again???!!! .....Read more here.



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