May 30, 2003    No time to help ALL people: 

I am getting 10 - 15 emails every day from people asking technical questions about their paramotors such as how to tune them, trouble shoot them etc. It got to the point where it takes me close to 2 hrs just to return these. I wish I could help everyone but simply do not have that kind of time on hand. From now on I will only work with customers who purchased equipment from PPO and with PPO possible buyers. Those of you having problems with your machines will have to contact your respective dealers. Sorry. A.

May 30, 2003    Out for quick flight........ 

May 27, 2003    Student - instructor evening XC adventure over Niagara Falls: 

...all of the sudden, it is getting dark very quickly since sun is already down. I radio Jim to tell him that we are going to turn and head back to our field. I turn immediately and assume that we will penetrate just as well as on our way here since there was NO wind when we took off. I look down and observe my ground speed. No way!!!... I am not penetrating at all!!! This is no good. This is a second time I am caught right by the Niagara Falls not being able to move.... I am stuck right over the city this time though I have student with me.....

OK keep cool. Do not let your voice show that our XC is not quite going as planned. I say "Jim, it got bit windy, I want you to release your speed bar and apply it fully. Also we are going to descend to 1500 ft ASL. Hopefully the wind will not be as strong." I wait for Jim to copy back, but there is no answer...."Jim, I want you to talk to me! Jim where are you? Talk to me! Jim, can you see me? I can not see you!" OK this is scary. I look around for Jim, but I can not see him anywhere.... Read more here.


May 26, 2003       Powered Paragliding Ontario student completes his license:

Hi Andre,

......I passed with a 91.8 score. I missed 4 questions. I received my license on the spot. Susan Davidson (I think that was her name) loved the log format that you set up for me. I told her I was very impressed with you as a teacher and your desire to get all your students trained properly. She was happy to know you were not in it just to make money but to produce safe pilots. Thanks for all of your help, support, patience and encouragement. I look forward to flying with you soon...... Jim

CONGRATS on completing your license Jim. Fly safe and stay in touch Andre.

May 25, 2003          Updates:

Updated demo days    Updated course dates

May 17 to 19, 2003          Fly in of Ontario PPG pilots at Phil's field in Thornton:

....I had a fabulous time on the w/e Mon flight seemed almost incidental compared with the satisfaction of seeing "old" farts & meeting "new" farts......ok ...I was only referring to your engine exhausts. Many thanx to Phil & Christine for your generous hospitality, & to Phil for coordinating the fly-in......what a blast!! Thanx to Florian for the reserve packing & tree self- rescuing clinics....a lot was learned......much appreciated. Thanx also to Sunter for your untiring, steadfast perseverance in establishing & building a base station & hanging tree....oops...I mean harness adjuster & decayed tooth this block & tackle is a serious mother!!! Can't wait for the next good all day flyin' Herb    Read more here.


May 22/03      Consider purchase of Simon XC plus,  RR now. Only one of each available.

I have finally received my shipment from WJ so there is one Simon XC plus and one Simon RR in my inventory now. It took 2 months for WJ to deliver as the WJ factory is extremely busy this time of the year. To make a long story short. If your are thinking of purchasing either above model do not wait as I probably will not have another one available until I came back from vacation Aug 9/03.

May 21/03       Various news:

  • I have spent great weekend north of Toronto. It was "fly in" of Ontario PPG pilots. Lot's of flying + BBQ, beer and lot of prop, thrust, carb, two stroke talk. Who could ask for more. Great weekend. Write up will follow.

  • Went for XC flight with PPG student - Jim. We had an "interesting" adventure by the Niagara Falls.... Write up will follow.

  • Received shipments from Sky Paragliders and Walkerjet. Inventory has been updated accordingly.

May 15/03       Czech amateur flight association LAA bans use of carabiners Parafly:

On May 4, 2003 at Ondrejnik location in Czech Republic paragliding carabiner by AUSTRIALPIN model PARAFLY broke just after take off at 2 m AGL. Pilot crash/landed with no injuries. The carabiner was 2 yrs old, 60 flight hours without any significant abuse. This was a second case this year. The use of these carabiners is banned by LAA until further notice. 


May 15/03       Thermal flight:

No luck. Ok try again! No luck! Try again!!! No luck!!!! I have tried pretty much everything and there is no way out!!!! This is serious....Read more here.


May 15/03       Fabric sack for quick PG packing:

After almost 3 year of standard procedure preceding every flight consisting of unpacking, unfolding, hooking up paraglider and repeating the whole procedure after the flight is finished got me thinking there must be a better way. Well I did not spring into the action until I saw a "lonely" tablecloth in my Peaks office that has been forgotten long time ago by one of the birthday parties. Uuuuuhhhhhhh, that would make a good glider sack, went through my head. Read more here.

May 14/03       Register for ground school and glider handling:

Those of you who are planning to attend the ground school and glider handling on May 24/03 note that I require $ 200.00 safety deposit to register. If you did not register yet hurry as spaces are limited.


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