May 14/03       Walkerjet RR and Brontes by Sky Paragliders go to 18 000 ft!

An excerpt from email by US WJ master dealer Milos: 

....By the way, we had a pilot go to 18,000 on a Brontes and Walkerjet RR, late in the afternoon on brute power. When he was done, he coasted to the South Side of POM in Utah and ridge soared with the motor off. While solo pilots were sinking out, the Brontes maintained altitude even being overloaded......


May 13/03       Keep your fingers off the kill switch!

Recent WJ purchaser makes emergency landing - an excerpt from his email:

.....As I can see this flag from work it is driving me nuts! Anyway yes I went to the field around 9 am on Sunday no wind! except little breeze in different directions. Ok here we go, after a few failed attempts a launch! Wew hew! What a good feeling up about 20 feet try to pull back in seat, the engine dies, million things going through my head, field long enough, up high enough, try to restart, no go, Ok prepare for landing, land OK well maybe a little hard. Then I looked to see what happened. Guess? The kill switch was on. What a bonehead, I was so hot & sweating that I packed up, now all this week I was wishing I would have flew that Sunday afternoon......

May 13, 2003   Additional comfort bar glider attachment hole:

Let me start with a statement - "I love my Walkerjet Simon XC plus" but since I always try to build better mouse trap and strive for perfection I look for way to improve things. I thought that there should be 4 attachment positions on the comfort bars so there is more choices to balance the machine with respect to pilot's weight. When you look at the Simon models you will see 3 attachment hole with rather larger space between the first and second hole. Almost like there was one attachment hole missing - see red dot on pic below. So I thought I will drill another hole in the appropriate spot and that will be it....Well that was not the case.... Read more here


May 11, 2003         Click on the picture, you will enjoy it...


May 11, 2003         Flying and training May 8 and 10, 2003:

.....After about 20 min of trying to center small thermal bubbles I thought there is no thermal worth of mentioning until I saw a hawk over large forested area circling quickly gaining altitude.  I did not hesitate a second and flew over the join the bird. So there it is - my variometer goes beeeeeeeeeep    beeeeeeep    beeeeep    beeep   beep  beep beep beep. Wow, what a strong thermal - I turn my engine off and start to circle looking for core, the strongest part of this rising column of air. I look around and besides me and the hawk there also is a farmer holding a pitchfork, someone with wheelbarrow, completely drank lady, bunch of hey and a small cat....that is how strong this thermal is... ;-) We all circle counter clockwise ascending at approximately 600 ft per minute....... Read more.


May 11, 2003         Cell phone found:

Those of you who need to get hold of me on my cell note that I have it back in my possession. 

May 7, 2003         Czech female pilot Petra Krausova won PWC race in Switzerland:

Paragliding World Cup 2003, Switzerland.  Petra Krausova: "The second race of this year's PWC series took place in the middle of the Swiss Alps, in a mountain center Crans Montana. Four rounds in lengths from 50 to 75 kilometres were flown. The weather was gambling with us and many times the situation allowed to fly only in closed valleys, kept away from the wind." Petra Krausova has finished on the 1. In the women order of the PWC 2003 Petra Krausova is holding 1st place with a 842 pt. lead. Congratulations Petra.

May 7, 2003         Ground school and ground handling:

...Randall, ready for forward inflation. He is thinking "Man this is hard work, I hope Andre will allow me to use the paramotor soon so I can let the Paramotor Monkey Butler to do all the work. OK, nice try Randall - no Paramotor Monkey Butler for least not yet...

I do not have many pics of my self taking off or landing so before I took off I have asked Randall to take some. Here is a pic of Andre landing....Randall realy likes Sam can't you tell... Read more here.

May 6, 2003         If you are making long term plans:

Please note that I will not be available for any training on May 29 and 31, July 1 and from July 9 to August 10/03


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