July 20/02           Dear Pilots:

Due to a couple of economic factors, our products have substantially risen in value. These factors are as follows: 

1. Due to the booming Czech economy the Czech Crown is advancing against EURO dollar and Euro dollar is advancing against USD. This change representing more then 30% increase in trade deficit.
2. Due to the sky-rocketing popularity and recognition the units have attained a high profile status, internationally, as well as domestically.

Effective immediately, the MSRP has been adjusted accordingly.  At the current price structure, WJ units reflect the value in superior cage/frame design, flight comfort and leading edge innovation.

July 16/02       Well, some of you may wonder what is going on. The page is not being updated.... It is simply because I totally lack time. My other business (the climbing gym) is still unusually busy and there is a quite few people who are willing to learn how to fly PPG therefore I have to leave all the less important tasks for later. For those who are in training note that I will be out of country July 15 - 18 and July 23 to Aug 15/05. If you have to get hold of me you can do so by email.

June 2/02       Folks,

We used 92 octane pump gas and Mogul 100% synthetic oil mixed 1:40. 
I'm exited about this, because Demo Days is the largest gathering of PG equipment and pilots in the USA and it is on the 17-19 of this month. I hope that we get many manufacturers to show up. I will
conduct our own home brewed test here. All machines willing to participate will get to drink from the same gas tank, mixed to whatever ratio they desire with their own oil. There are a lot of tricks that manufacturers can do to increase static thrust. 
1. Increase the reduction ratio, and let the Simonini mini 2 plus run at over 8,000 rpm thus turning the prop much faster
2. mix in avgas with regular gas and pour in some lead for good measure
3. use a HUGE needle in a Bing carburetor and let the motor drink like a garden hose.
As you can see, such a motor can be capable of turning out over 200lb of thrust but it will last about 1 day. We use stock Simonini with stock components and the net result is that our motors last. We do not over stress them, and our props have a much better dynamic thrust test than static. As well as the thrust test, we will conduct highest altitude gain test. Needless to say, I am exited about our new chromed mufflers. If you are looking for an upgrade, please send me an e-mail. If you can make it out to Demo Days, please send me an e-mail. The trip is worth while. Stunning scenery, snow covered mountains and good folks to hang out with. We will have our new Simon RR and
Spider RR on display.

By Milos at Walkerjet.com

April 17/02        Para stars Report - Thrust Tests    By Milos Krivka 
Dave Beresh of Beresh Props did a solid and un-reputable monitor of the thrust test so that he could observe the performance of his props.

Testing conditions: Florida. 98% humidity, 88 Degrees
Manufacturer   -   Model -            Motor  -            Thrust
1. Fresh Breeze - Monster -      Zanzoterra - 350cc - 135 lb
2. Walkerjet - TR, 130 cm prop - Simonini - 202cc - 128 lb
3. Walkerjet - RR, 125 cm prop - Simonini - 202cc - 125 lb
4. Fly Products - Gold, 130cm prop - Simonini - 202cc - 121 lb
??? Paralite - Sky Cruiser - Top 80 - 80cc - 88 lb

Once again, we have beat all but the Monster, which weighs considerably more and has 150cc advantage. With our new tuned exhaust, generation 5, that produces 8 more lb, we will clean up
quite nicely ! Scoot Cruise had the gen. 4 exhaust and a Wallbro, that produces less thrust, so conceivably, we would have won again, had we introduced gen. 5 muffler earlier in the season. Last year, we have beat the Monster by 1 lb with a smaller prop, just goes to show how temperature and humidity can affect the results. Demo Days in Utah will prove to be the tie-breaker.

Thanks to Dave Beresh, we have a reliable and un-tainted results. Dave Beresh is the manufacturer of some of the best PPG props in the world. Contrary to some unofficial mumbo jumbo - nobody got 160lb thrust test. Nobody! The humidity and high density altitude pretty much pegged everyone.

Apr 17/02 Brauniger varios in stock.
Apr 13/02 We now distribute Brauniger flight instruments.
Apr 13/02 We now distribute Hall wind meters.
Apr  9/02 Info on courses updated.
Apr  9/02 For pictures of paramotor Spider SL visit Walkerjet USA
Apr  9/02 Info on Rescue parachutes updated 
Apr  1/02 Added links to local weather. 
Mar 20/02 Added info on Brontes. 
Mar 15/02 Added info on Demonstration days. 
Mar  1/02 Updated info on Spider el

April 11/02. I took the Simon XC for a couple of short flights as to brake it in. It was sitting in my shop for 3 months so I was wondering what is going to take to get it started. I have mixed the fuel (30:1) poured it in, pushed the start button and.... the thing just started to run. I could not believe it. It was so easy. I have wormed it up, tuned it and took off. The Simon has more power then Superhawk as I was climbing at approximately 340 ft min. I have tried to turn the motor off and re-started in flight many times and it would always kick in no problem. It was very nice to be able to soar in the thermals and all you can hear is the sound of wind.... If you lose it though, just one push of the start button will get you back up and you can try again. I will have to get my self a variometer as I discovered a new dimension of free flying. It takes quite skill to be able to stay up just using the thermals - especially without the variometer. I have landed after about 30 min and re-checked the spark plug. It was a little oily as I was running on the rich side. I have adjusted the high carb screw and took off for another awesome flight. After carb adjustment the Simon XC had even more power and there was almost no vibration at all. I love this machine. I soon as I sell my Superhawk I am getting one of these....

March 29/02.   Well, today I had a first flight of the season. The weather was not the best, the field was little muddy but I could not wait any more. I took off and flew south bound for about 45 min. The wind was high at 20 km/h gusting to 25 km/h. Approximately 12 km from the fields I could feel a light precipitation and decided to turn around.  It took me only 10 min to get back as I was flying at close to 60 km/h. The wind got actually even stronger so I had to use full speed bar to make it to the lending zone. By the time I got packed it was dripping. I dropped off a bottle of Cognac to the owner of the field Joe Zawadski as a token of appreciation for letting me use his property.


Brontes - whose name comes from Greek word for thunder - successfully passed the load test and now is flight-tested in its middle size (BRONTES M). The first reactions of test pilots are very positive, claiming that the glider is very “easy to handle”, has got “excellent flying stability”, “smooth reactions and still, plenty of performance which might be used not only for conventional and occasional flying but also for acrobatics”.  And still being mainly DHV 1-2 and 2 rated wing in most flight test regimes. At the moment the test pilots examine the possibility of further development of the glider for the acrobatics enthusiasts and we will keep you updated about further development. 

We all hope that Brontes will be soon “thundering” all over mountain slopes and will met arm reaction of our customers.

Oct 28/01 Models 2002 released. 

  • 1. All bolts are drilled and safety wired 

  • 2. Most components are drilled for lightness 

  • 3. Wiring harness is completely enclosed for weather protection 

  • 4. Hand throttle has built in starter cut-off, instead of it being on the frame. 

  • 5. Comfort bar pegs are welded in instead of riveted 

  • 6. Harness is a Sup-Air - more room and comfort for the big pilots 

  • 7. Top motor bolt in has 2 silent blocks instead of one. 

  • 8. New filter - more breathing room, more power 

  • 9. Head has much better casting process - smoother look and larger anodized head for better cooling and look 

  • 10. Muffler is smaller and lighter 

  • 11. All models have external charger port in case pilot drains the battery. 

The Simon models are perfect for the demanding PPG pilot who needs power, quality, reliability and value.